Written and Directed by Michael Becker

5 – 14 November 2020

Chippen Street Theatre

“You can feel whatever you want here. There’s no pressure to share, but you need to listen carefully. That’s when the magic happens.”

From the team that brought you the Australian premier of The Spoils by Jesse Eisenberg (Flight Path Theatre), and their own satire How to Change the World and Make Bank Doing It (Limelight on Oxford), Michael Becker & Ian Warwick return with a brand new work.

Produced by Fixed Foot Productions, previous credits include Hairworm by Emma Wright (Old 505 Theatre w/ Eye Contact Theatre Company), Xavier Coy’s Distorted (Old 505 Theatre), Caught Out (Bondi Feast) and Are You Listening Now? (Old 505 Theatre).

Paul Ayre, David Halgren, Susan Jordan and Hannah Raven.

Written and directed by Michael Becker
Assistant Director: Ian Warwick
Produced by Becky Matthews, Fixed Foot Productions
Production Designer: Daniel Ampuero
Lighting Designer: Mehran Mortezaei

Inner Weather

Photo credit: Clare Hawley


Inner Weather

Photo credit: Clare Hawley

Audrey Journal – 

“If, like me, you’ve felt your interest in live theatre and storytelling fade over the past few months, and if, like me, you’ve wondered whether you’d ever return to it, then go see Inner Weather. This intimate, gently immersive experience – therapeutic in its form and in its function – may help rekindle your flame.”

“This sharing circle production offers an immersing theatrical safe space in which to listen, empathise and reconnect with the live communal experience… Each monologue is delivered with convincing restraint and painstaking attention to detail.”

Reviews by Judith –

“If therapy groups do something for you, or your curious self wants to know what goes on without having to get involved, ‘inner weather’ from Fixed Foot Productions is a production that will float your boat, push your buttons or quell your happiness quest.  It simulates such goings on with a disconcerting reflection of reality and all the allied joy and judgement that go along with participation.  Not that you have to participate, it’s not that kind of show, escape is possible, but there’s insight, self-reflection and funny moments to keep you in your seat.”

“Inner Weather is a welcome addition to Sydney theatre’s coming back out and a unique theatre experience for the curious and for those who relate to self-discovery and the talking cure.”

Inner Weather

Photo credit: Clare Hawley

Inner Weather

Photo credit: Clare Hawley

Theatre Travels –

“What do we gain from sharing a space with others? What can make theatre feel magic? Inner Weather, a quiet new play by Michael Becker, and Fixed Foot Productions is a show uniquely fitted to these inquiries, a deep dive into the intimacy that theatre allows.”

“Essentially the play boils down to three stories, shared as monologues from characters seated among the audience… These are heavy topics, and the writing thrives when it handles them with a light touch, highlighting the funny or awkward specificities that are part of any good anecdote.”