Written by Emma Wright

Directed by Jess Davis

Old 505 Theatre

1 – 5 October 2019

Co-production with Eye Contact Theatre Company

Produced by Eye Contact Theatre Company and Fixed Foot Productions, presented at Old 505 Theatre as a part of Freshworks Femme 1–5 October 8pm.

The story of a teenage girl living with an eating disorder, from the onset of the parasitic illness right through to her recovery and negotiation of the world after her diagnosis. An insight into the mind of one compromised.

This is her life. Her routine. Her reality.

Phoebe Atkinson, Bernadette Fam, Jennifer Hart, Alex King, Rebekah Parsons, Amelia Robertson-Cuninghame, Grace Stamnas, Sophie Strykowski, Laura Wilson

Written by Emma Wright
Directed by Jess Davis
Produced & Photographed by Becky Matthews
Production Designer: Kate Beere
Lighting Designer: Priyanka Martin
Sound Designer: Cecelia Strachan
Stage Manager: Christina McKune
Dramaturg: Simon Thomson
Poster Design: Elizabeth Lea




Suzy Goes See –

“Directed by Jess Davis, the production is dynamic and exacting, with Priyanka Martin’s lights and Cecelia Strachan’s sound, conspiring to carefully render a sense of texture for each of its scenes. A disciplined cast brings further polish to the staging, with Rebekah Parsons’ conviction as the afflicted lead character, giving urgency to the show’s pace and rhythm. Alex King plays the sister, memorable for introducing a moment of genuine sentimentality to proceedings.”

Audrey Journal –

“Emma Wright’s debut play is a compelling portrait of a young woman in the grip of psychological illness… She also casts light on the collateral damage, too: the erosion of social and family life; the resentment of siblings whose own feelings and needs are crowded out of the frame.
Director Jess Davis’s production is tightly arranged with the vocal and physical choreography commendably sharp, supported by effective sound design (Cecelia Strachan) and lighting (Priyanka Martin).”